Ron (ロン) is one of the four legendary Spirit Generals of the Machine Empire. He corresponds the East and is the donor of the B't Raido.

Background Edit


The emperor rescues the orphaned Ron

Ron was one of the orphan children rescued and taken care of by The Machine Emperor during the war, along with Fou Lafine and Karen. Under his tutelage, they became able fighters and subsequently were designated as Spirit Generals with Ron becoming the donor of the dragon B't Raido.

After Karen's apparent betrayal of the Empire, Ron remained one of the Emperor's most loyal warriors that he was willing to fight Fou for following in Karen's footsteps.[1]

Abilities Edit

Ron is an extremely skilled combatant, an expert in both ranged and hand-to-hand combat. His skills are further reinforced by the spear he wields proficiently.

Notes Edit

  • Most of Ron's characteristics are distinctly Chinese in design, including his chángshān attire, qiang spear and kungfu fighting style.

References Edit

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